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Integrating Our Leading Analysis & Deep Data to Augment Your Organization's Security

  • Enhancement of Your Security Protocols and Awareness
  • Partners in Monitoring, Collecting and Analyzing Threats
  • Securing Your Brand Reputation and Integrity
  • Protecting Your Human Assets
  • Unbiased, Independent Analysis
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"What is missing in a data-driven world is human scrutiny."

Over 35 Platforms
Monitored Daily

Reporting from Over
24 Countries

12 Years in
Intelligence Industry

Over 1,400
Clients Served

TRACFusion Aspects

Mission Statement from the President

President and CEO

"My dream for TRAC is to turn terrorism into a history lesson. Today, however, terrorism is an imminent threat. My goal for today is to keep your people safe and deliver real-time, human analysis to mitigate risks.

TRACFusion™ strives to be your partner, providing the most comprehensive, human-centric intelligence as it becomes available, allowing you to make authoritative decisions best for your organization."

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